Hi annie. =]

Hello Mr Gibbs :-)

For a while now i have been fascinated by the idea of making an illuminated manuscript. I am currently in the google stage of my research on how I am to go about this ambition. If you know of any experts in the making of vellum (animal hide scrapped and stretched for paper) in the Central PA area, I am very interested in becoming their friend.

98 days,

and counting….


Here is to tomorrow! Tomorrow I begin a new adventure. Not one that I asked for, or even ever wanted, but none-the-less tomorrow my boy friend of two years leaves to spend the net 3.5 months studying in Jerusalem. I am incredibly jealous and wish that I could go with him!

What is even more is that two weeks ago my good friend Jen moved to Philly. Before that my friend John left to study in Thailand. On Sunday my friend Paige is moving to Baltimore, and at the end of March my friend Lindsay is leaving to study in Japan. I guess when it rains it pours…

In any case, I have heard that solitude is good for the soul and that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and though I am not going anywhere tomorrow I begin a new adventure! Cheers!



My name is Antoinette, though most people call me Annie. I am an aspiring painter, photographer, and art historian. About this time last year I was just beginning a beautiful adventure that would end up stealing my heart forever. I spent 3 and a half months in Italy studying art, literature, religion, culture, and anything anyone would teach me. It was the most serene and surreal experience; every morning I wake up and wonder if it was all just a peaceful, wonderful dream. But I know the people I met are real, and that the relationships I formed with them will stay in my heart and mind forever. I am currently in central PA, continuing my study of art and culture and itching to set out on a new adventure.

Sincerely yours,


The Olive Harvest. Field behind the grove.
Orvieto, Italy.
November 2009.

The Olive Harvest. Field behind the grove.

Orvieto, Italy.

November 2009.